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About Berea Nurses Institute

Executive Summary


Berea Nurses Institute is a Nursing agency providing temporary staff to Healthcare facilities in the Gauteng Province. Head Office is located at 19 Delsen Centre, 307 Paul Kruger Street, Capital Park, Pretoria.

Current Status

Berea Nurses Institute was formed as a recruitment and placement company for the Healthcare profession more than 20 years ago, with its focus on supplying Nursing- and Support Staff to Clinics, Hospitals, Old-age Homes, Retirement Villages and several other Government institutions in South Africa.

Key Staff

Managing Director
Payroll & Client Administrator
Office & HR Administration
Filing Clerk
Financial Manager
Technical Consultant
Clinical Facilitator

Appointed Staff
Anneke Joubert
Marie Morkel
Enid Smith Rossouw
Enid Smith Rossouw
Bongile Hlatshwayo
Benita Burger
Anneke Joubert
Eunice Moteane
Enid Smith Rossouw
De Ville Swanevelder
SL Consulting & King-Consulting
Emily Tsele

Products / Services

Berea Nurses Institute offers a comprehensive range of services to support the Healthcare Industry and Profession including recruitment, the supply of permanent and temporary staff to the Healthcare community, training, workshops and pre- and post-assessment of staff.

Berea Nurses Institute has a trusted, reliable an loyal workforce which indicates reliable services to the market. Clinical assessment by a qualified Clinical Facilitator and continuous in-service training have contributed to the positive attitude of the assignees in the workplace and improvement on clinically identified gaps. BEREA NURSES INSTITUTE has secured long term relationships with both the Clients and the assignees involved in delivering healthcare services to the South African population.

Opportunities / Challenges

The Healthcare Industry will always be both a challenge and an opportunity. Challenges will ensure that we always strive to maintain the highest standards, ensure competent qualified staff and contributing to a better healthcare industry for all.

Berea Nurses Institute will cater to the needs of the Healthcare Industry by ensuring that we stay informed of changing environments affecting our services. Therefore BEREA ensures that it is affiliated to the appropriate Associations in the Industry and comply with Legislative requirements and Industry changes and needs.



The mission of Berea Nurses Institute is to be committed to promote quality health care by working in partnership with the hospitals, Health Institutions and health care workers in general. We are there to help, assist and care for all our personnel and to serve God as missionaries.


Berea Nurses Institute strives to render a fair, honest and unequalled service of excellence to the Hospitals and Health Institutions.


Our goal is to deliver the best service possible and maintaining the highest standards achievable taking into account all of our staff, our Clients and the general South African population depending on quality and reliable healthcare services.


Berea Nurses Institute is dedicated to building long-term relationships with staff and customers and maintaining our quality service that ensured this company to be one of the Industry leaders.

  • Our assignees – our asset
  • Our clients – our focus
  • The healthcare users – our priority

History & Position to Date

Introduction to Our Business


The Temporary Employment Service industry, including Nursing agencies, is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy.

Berea Nurses Institute maintains that its business was started with all good intends to close a gap in the provision of Healthcare staff to ensure quality service to the broader population of Healthcare users in South Africa. It is our duty to provide all categories of staff to all the different areas, including the specialized areas to all healthcare related institutions.


Berea Nurses Institute believes that by concentrating on one market segment and one geographical area, it will be able to deliver a service that is trusted and known and reliable with a foundation of good relationships. Published research shows that the Healthcare Service market is a fast-growing business sector and the right of access to healthcare for every South African citizen is taking priority with its focus on quality and reliability.

Achievements to Date

With many years of experience and continuous effort, Berea Nurses Institute has supplied the Healthcare Industry with uncountable competent, qualified and professional temporary and permanent staff members in the past 20+ years. Staff management have been applied in such a manner that we maintain a loyal staff database and trusted Industry name with our clients.

Business Structure

Management Team

Berea Nurses Institute is incorporated under the laws of South Africa. This has been a family business from conception to date and managed as a team effort which have proven to be a winning combination of consideration and decision making. Respect for the Industry and its needs, together with all role-players has been our main focus.

Company Organogram


Business Management System


The administrative aspect of our business is considered equally important to the service we are committed to. It is imperative that information is accurate, valid and reliable on the system, payroll is timeous and accurate and invoicing is perfect.

The database is updated regularly and industry requirements are complied with. It is also imperative that BEREA subject itself to regular Audits and inspections by legal entities and regulatory bodies. By doing so, we ensure that we are constantly identify areas for improvement and exceed the requirements of the Audits.

Most Notable of the Administration is:

  • Agreements and signed SLA’s,
  • Agreements and signed costing and pricing documents,
  • Agreements and management of our risk portfolio – this includes insurance, health and safety and management of risk to eliminate fraud,
  • Loading of rates, deductions and benefits as well as charge parameters, client invoice requirements etc.
  • Authorization by the client of the hours to be paid to the assignees prior to capture into the payroll,
  • Authorization by senior management of payments such as leave, sick leave and family responsibility leave,
  • Validation by payroll capturers that timesheets / time input is confirmed by the client,
  • Once payroll has been generated, validation and checks for abnormal payments and general pay slip checks,
  • Invoices generated, backing documents attached and when doing so, verifying for correctness in billings,
  • All reports for client payment and allocation to correct account – to eliminate the possibility of irregularities,
  • All reports for client and management are generated for verification and upon request &
  • Entire process is audited annually by Company Auditors.


Quality assurance is achieved through a methodology of continuous improvement driven by operations and, where applicable, Industry requirements, technology and legislation. Continuous establishment of measures to improve and realign processes to ensure client satisfaction.

Health, safety and environment

Berea Nurses Institute is in the people (services) business and management of safety forms an integral part of our regular operating cycle and business culture. Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance is embraced at all sites where Berea delivers a service.

Aside from the moral prerogative, safety is a significant business risk in terms of COIDA as the likelihood of injuries in any workplace is a daily possibility. This specifically impacts on the Services Business. Injuries on duty have a huge impact on all of our assignees that we provide on a daily basis and therefore prevention is the key element. Berea manages all administration and processes in terms of all COIDA claims.

Berea is available on a 24hour basis to address concerns regarding Health and Safety and adequate applicable policies and procedures are in place to guide individuals on the management of any incident or claim.

HSE is always one of the KPI’s that is measured in our business. Some outcome levels measured are:

  • Specific injuries,
  • Possible causes,
  • No of days not worked due to incidents,
  • Progress of assignee health,
  • Progress of claims &
  • All incidents and accidents that have been investigated.


Berea Nurses Institute just updated their entire IT system and is able to convert any Time and Attendance (T&A) System and process any payment file provided by any Client. Staff training is on-going depending on the need of the Industry and the Client.

In line with this process, clients can be invoiced electronically. Electronic invoicing is possible even with manual timesheets as these are scanned into the system and then electronically matched to invoices. Clients can thus choose to receive their billing information electronically or delivered.

Green footprint

Berea Nurses Institute has embraced the need to manage and cut its carbon footprint;

  • Paperless environment using advanced IT programmes and processes,
  • A significant move to automation and electronic invoicing will manage the use of paper and associated carbon emissions,
  • Recruitment will take place closer to home of the potential assignee thus eliminating the need for travel of the applicants,
  • Part of the induction process of assignees incudes awareness of carbon footprints.

In general, staff is encouraged to embrace the company drive towards a sustainable future.