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Berea Services

Berea Nurses Institute offers a comprehensive range of services to support the Healthcare Profession, including recruitment, supply of permanent and temporary staff to hospitals, clinics, retirement villages, old age homes and government healthcare related institutions. We further provide in-service training to our staff as well as prospective staff, workshops and pre- and post-assessment of staff.

Our scope of services and areas of expertise include;

HR Related

  • Compilation of Job Description
  • Letters of Appointment / Employment Contracts
  • Company Induction and Orientation Programmes
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Information to Client’s on individual basis regarding legal requirements

Staffing Division

  • Advertising Job vacancies
  • Screening and Interviewing-
  • Reference checking of candidates
  • Clinical Interviews

Aim with in-service training is to:

  1. Establish the specific training needs of the individual employee and the Client.
  2. Design a customized training solution to meet the needs identified for each individual employee and the Client.
  3. Optimize, enhance and support employee performance and skill levels by implementing training programmes through personalize in-service training and / or specific skills workshops.
  4. Motivate our employees to adopt a multi-disciplinary team approach by understanding the value of working towards a common goal, feeling safe and confident in order to perform tasks within their scopes of practices and to the best of their abilities

Our training service includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • Needs analyses by offering workplace support
  • Proposed recommended training solution (in consultation with employee and line managers)
  • Progress reports
  • Individual employee support on a “need” basis

Guarantees / Warranties

As a business, Berea Nurses Institute strive to always comply with current legislative requirements and Corporate Governance.

  • Berea is a paid up member of the Association of Nursing Agencies of South Africa (ANASA)
  • Berea allows for Freedom of association in terms of the Labour Relations Act
  • Berea is Registered in terms of the BCEA and the LRA as an Employment Agency
  • Berea complies with legislative requirements in terms of PAYE, SKILLS, COID, SARS, etc.
  • Berea has indemnity cover and ensures that all qualified nursing personnel comply with the same industry requirement.

The above should serve our clients with insurance and protection.